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We are proud to be a dependable source of veterinary advice for pet owners like you. 

We are dedicated to delivering expert and trustworthy information that you can rely on when caring for your beloved pet.

Our exceptional team of writers consists of experienced and passionate vets, so you can be sure you’re getting the most accurate advice.

Hey there!

I’m Dr Alex Crow

As a caring veterinarian, I was frustrated with all of the inaccurate advice online for pet owners.  

‘Dr Google’ can be very misleading for pet owners – so I set out to change that!

My passion for animals drives me to share the latest, trustworthy pet care tips. By offering dependable advice, we build trust with pet owners and strengthen bonds with our four-legged family members.

Meet Our Vets

Dr Alex Crow

Dr. Alex Crow is a dedicated and passionate veterinarian with years of experience in the field. His commitment to animal welfare extends beyond the walls of his practice; Dr. Alex also contributes to various pet care blogs and magazines, further extending his reach to pet owners around the world.

Dr Daisy May

Dr Daisy qualified with distinction from the University of Liverpool vet school in 2019, and has a particular interest in canine and feline medicine. Outside of the clinic, you’ll find her writing, rock climbing, or perhaps haggling for street food somewhere warmer than England!

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More Vets Coming Soon!

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